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Ben Folds joins Art Education Leaders to launch the National Core Arts Standards at Microsoft

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) will be joined by singer-songwriter and arts education activist Ben Folds to host a formal launch of the new National Core Arts Standards 9:00 a.m. on Monday, October 20, at the Microsoft New York Metro District Offices in Times Square. The one-hour event will feature remarks by Robert L.

Kim Cosier receives $20,000 grant from Milwaukee Public Schools Partnership

Kim Cosier, MAT/MAADE faculty, received a $20,000 grant from the Milwaukee Public Schools Partnership from the Arts and Humanities in support of the Milwaukee Visionaries Project (MVP). MVP is an award winning program that teaches media literacy to middle and high school students through production of video and animation.

Tim Seibles Recipient of the 2014 Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Award

MFA in Writing alumni Tim Seibles (1/90) is the recipient of the 2014 Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Award for his book Fast Animals.

Faculty / Postgraduate Writers' Conference

We are pleased to present the following faculty for the 20th Annual Postgraduate Writers' Conference in August 2015.

MFA in Graphic Design Announces Guest Designers and Public Lectures for October 2014 Residency

The MFA in Graphic Design Residency (October 12-18, 2014) is pleased to announce the following public lectures taking place during the residency week.


High Musicianship without Ego: Dawn Clement, '15 MC

Current student in the MFA in Music Composition Dawn Clement described in a recent interview that she's having an identity crisis. Known as a jazz piano player for years, she's shifting into pop/singer-songwriter territory in her latest album Tempest/Cobalt.

Exploring Rural Reinvention & Transformation: Allison Otto's Interactive Documentary 'Bisbee'

Filmmaker Allison Otto, a current student in the MFA in Film at Vermont College of Fine Arts, is busy weaving together history, community participation, and storytelling in her documentary film Bisbee.

Feather Systems & Pulsating Apples: Dan Schrecker Discusses Visual Effects for NOAH

In a recent interview with AWN.COM, the leading website for animation and visual effects news, Dan Schrecker, Faculty, MFA in Film and veteran visual effects supervisor for LOOK Effects, discussed his company's role in bringing to life the stunning graphics of Darren Aronofsky's latest movie,...

Out of Context, Into Function: Todd Baldwin, '10 VA

Artist Todd Baldwin, a 2010 graduate of the MFA in Visual Art at Vermont College of Fine Arts approaches making art through the challenge of pushing discarded materials out of context and into functioning as art.

Endless Possibilities with Limited Means: Denise Karabinus' Artistic Collaborations in India

Artist Denise Karabinus, a 2009 graduate of the MFA in Visual Art at Vermont College of Fine Arts, recently returned from a powerful experience at Project Gram in Paradsinga, India, as one of ten artists collaborating the GRAM  International Artist Residency in Community Projects.