MFA in Music Composition

Our MFA in Music Composition—the very first of its kind in the nation—offers musicians a chance to forge their own creative paths, refine their composition skills, and grow more vital as artists, composers, and music educators.

Students come from diverse stylistic backgrounds and have varied compositional interests. This musically inclusive MFA program reflects that diversity, offering opportunities to work in and across five focus areas: Film, TV & Game Scoring, Concert Music, Electronic Music, Songwriting, and Jazz. Our highly accomplished faculty work in multiple genres, and students can specialize in one area or several, exploring and blending musical streams.

VCFA’s immersive model brings students and faculty together, joined by topnotch ensembles who perform and record student music, for a week of intensive residency once every six months. Over the course of four semesters, students not only produce new work, but also hear and share the music they write with an engaged community. The deep relationship between student and faculty mentor that begins during the seven-day residency on our historic campus in the heart of Vermont’s capital city is catalyst for the creative work of the semester, where each student works from home on an individualized, self-designed composition project. In this way the program carves out space in students’ lives for inquiry, experimentation, research, and criticism, making room for both the exploration and the refinement of their craft.

Rick Baitz, Faculty Chair, describes the "immersion effect" of an MFA in Music Composition residency:


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