Wilding was born in Colonia Primavera, Paraguay, in 1943. She emigrated to the US in 1961. Wilding is an intermedia artist, writer, and educator, deeply engaged with teaching and learning; and the intersections of feminism, social justice, cyberfeminism, biotechnology, radical pedagogy, and eco-feminism.

Wilding is Professor Emerita of Performance Art/Critical Studies at SAIC (2002-2011), currently Visiting Scholar at the Pembroke Center, Brown University, Providence, RI (2011-2017); and Graduate Faculty MFA-V, VCFA (1992-present).

With Judy Chicago and other women art students, Wilding co-initiated of the Feminist Art Programs at California State University, Fresno, and CalArts, L.A) and the feminist art movement in Southern California, chronicled in her book By Our Own Hands (Double XX, Los Angeles,1976). She is the author of many essays on feminist art and art history including in The Power of Feminist Art, (Abrams,1995); as well as writings on cyberfeminism, and collective feminist work (with subRosa) in Domain Errors (2003) and many international journals and books.

Wilding’s creative work addresses the recombinant, reproductive, and distributed bio-tech and war body in 2D media, audio, video, digital media, installations, and performances. Her retrospective spanning 5 decades “Fearful Symmetries” (Threewalls, Chicago, 1/10/2014-2/22/2014, traveled to Memphis (2014), and the Pasadena Armory, (2015) and UHoustonClear Lake (2016).


MFA | CalArts

BA - English | University of Iowa

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